Puddleby Court Log: 33 Autumn, year 575 of The Ascendancy. 23:13

In the matter of Desdemona v Nug, accused of “Impersonating Jeepers without a license.

Before the jurors: Kayaan, Tasus, Lexa, Trowl, Super Chicken, Elena, Soul Hunter, Atlantix, TorcherBaby.

The Honourable Judge Haengemie, presiding.
With Bellafae serving as Bailiff.
To all who read these precepts, the following transcript of this trial is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Clera, reporting.

[Bellafae] This court is now in session, The Honourable Judge Haengemie presiding.
[Haengemie] <standard pre-trial court briefing>
[Desdemona] Desdemona smooths out her skirt and clears her throat.
[Desdemona] Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.
[Desdemona] As many of you in town witnessed, Nug has been dancing perversely, very similarly to Jeepers' patented schtick.
[Desdemona] As we all know, Jeepers is a revered and respected member of our community.
[Desdemona] And the fact that the defendant so blatantly disregards his stature by impersonating him...
[Desdemona] Is a TRAVESTY amongst us.
[Desdemona] You may think this is a small infraction.
[Desdemona] But this may only be the beginning!
[Desdemona] Who might he impersonate next?
[Haengemie] 10 seconds remaining, Please finish up, or say "done"...
[Desdemona] It could be you!
[Desdemona] Done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Desdemona.
[Haengemie] Nug, you have 90 seconds to speak.
[Nug] thoom
[Nug] i like to dance
[Nug] i hope you like dancing too
[Nug] lets all dance
[Nug] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Nug.
[Haengemie] Desdemona, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Desdemona] And even in the face of grave danger,
[Desdemona] Even in these most hallowed halls,
[Desdemona] Nug laughs in our faces.
[Desdemona] Will we take this?
[Desdemona] Will we stand for this?
[Desdemona] NO, I say!
[Desdemona] I would call witnesses, but you are all in the jury.
[Desdemona] You saw the horror.
[Desdemona] The shame he brought upon us.
[Desdemona] Vote guilty.
[Desdemona] It is the only way.
[Desdemona] Done.
[Haengemie] Thank you, Desdemona.
[Haengemie] Nug, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Nug] we need more dancing!
[Nug] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Nug.
[Haengemie] <standard jury verdict briefing>
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

   Votes innocent: 1
   Votes guilty: 3
   Votes frivolous: 5
   Abstaining: 0

[Haengemie] Desdemona, this court has found your case frivolous.
[Haengemie] Nug, you are free to go.
[Haengemie] <standard jury sentence briefing>
[Haengemie] Jurors, you should take Desdemona's record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend.
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.

   Total recommended jail time: 330 min
   Total recommended fine: 602c
   Total jurors: 9
   Avg recommended jail/fine: 36 min/66c

[Haengemie] Desdemona, you are hereby sentenced to spend 36 minutes in the Puddleby jail,
[Haengemie] and fined 66 coins.
[Haengemie] Judge Haengemie bangs his gavel
[Haengemie] This court is adjourned.

Court adjourned at 23:56 on 33 Autumn, 575