Puddleby Court Log: 34 Summer, year 533 of The Ascendancy. 01:32

In the matter of Blur v Loco, accused of “Being a Smelly Zo”

Before the jurors: D'oh, Zen, Altos, Healery, Althea, Jo Ma'ril, Xantcha, Moose, Afton

With Bellafae serving as Bailiff.
To all who read these precepts, the following transcript of this trial is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Clera, reporting.

[Haengemie] <standard pre-trial court briefing>
[Blur] Blur holds his Breath.
[Blur] Boy Do This Guy Smell.
[Blur] Look At Him. he Has Been PLaying in Animal Dung
[Blur] Blur holds his Breath.
[Blur] done.
[Haengemie] Thank you, Blur
[Haengemie] Loco, you have 90 seconds to speak.
[Loco] hehe i was low on health and chased by a snake before this summons so i thank Blur for this!
[Loco] this case is clearly frivolous so I don't even waste my breath but i think he's clearly confused
[Loco] and i do shower twice a day!
[Loco] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Loco
[Haengemie] Blur, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Blur] he Showers Twice a Day .. IN Dung.
[Blur] its Dung i Tell you.
[Blur] Rats Fall Just From His Stench
[Blur] Look At the Flys on him
[Blur] And i Swear he is a Zo Under the Cloak.
[Blur] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Blur
[Haengemie] Loco, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Loco] I'm clearly offended and he is wasting my valuable hunting hours! please set a good example and punish him accordingly
[Loco] as for my supposed offensive personal hygene, i apologize..
[Loco] i got to go back and help rescue a comrade..so lets get this over with
[Loco] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Loco
[Haengemie] <standard jury verdict briefing>
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

  Votes innocent: 0
  Votes guilty: 1
  Votes frivolous: 8
  Abstaining: -9

[Haengemie] Loco this court finds you guilty, as accused.
[Haengemie] <standard jury sentence briefing>
[Haengemie] Jurors, you should take Loco's record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend.
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.

  Total recommended jail time: 500 min
  Total recommended fine: 1650c
  Total jurors: 0
  Avg recommended jail/fine: 0 min/0c

[Haengemie] LocoThis court has decided to place Loco on probation for a period of 3 months.

Court adjourned at 2:18 on 34 Summer, 533