Puddleby Court Log: 4 Spring, year 534 of The Ascendancy. 03:32

In the matter of Commander Nate v Devil, accused of “dragging Commander Nate to a dangerous area.”

Before the jurors: Aival, Suu'ub III, Ravenstorm, Caster, Peet, Lysarnia, Anselm, Fuzz, PyroManiac

With Bellafae serving as Bailiff.
To all who read these precepts, the following transcript of this trial is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Clera, reporting.

[Haengemie] <standard pre-trial court briefing>
[Commander Nate] I just got out of GMV after being dead for a while. I pop up one screen west of the wells.
[Commander Nate] I see Blitz, Fuzz, Devil, and Ravenstorm sitting there killing wendies. I greet them and start hunting there.
[Commander Nate] No one said anything about being alone so I assumed that they could use a skinner and decide to stay for a bit.
[Commander Nate] Eventually I die since we had no healers with us. Blitz, Fuzz, and Devil begin to drag me to the well area.
[Commander Nate] I show my distaste in going there and even go to sleep to keep from getting pushed in. I eventually was pushed in while I was toggling a for help.
[Haengemie] 10 seconds remaining, Please finish up, or say "done"...
[Commander Nate] I eventually was pushed in while I was toggling a for help.
[Commander Nate] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Commander Nate
[Haengemie] Devil, you have 90 seconds to speak.
[Devil] CommanderNate did come upone me, Fuzz, Blitz and Raven hunting....BUT
[Devil] he did not ask if it was alright to join, and constantly endangered us by his hunting tactics
[Devil] then, after falling, he claimed to be thirsty
[Devil] so being the kind people we are....
[Haengemie] 10 seconds remaining, Please finish up, or say "done"...
[Devil] Fuzz, Blitz and myself got him to the well for water
[Haengemie] Thank you, Devil
[Haengemie] Commander Nate, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Commander Nate] This is obviously a myth, considering I was fallen, unable to drink any water. Also I had my jug of water on my belt.
[Commander Nate] Also I had my jug of water on my belt.
[Commander Nate] There is no sense in getting a fallen exile into more trouble by pushing them to a well
[Commander Nate] Where all the dangerous Night wendies are
[Commander Nate] Also I specificly asked NOT to be pushed
[Commander Nate] I said I would prefer to stay here
[Commander Nate] Here being near them
[Commander Nate] I did try to sleep
[Commander Nate] But they were persistent and got me
[Commander Nate] I have a witness
[Commander Nate] to the repeated act
[Commander Nate] witness: jnder
[Haengemie] Thank you, Commander Nate
[Haengemie] J'nder, please approach the witness railing, to the Northeast of the jury box. You have 15 seconds.
[Haengemie] Thank you, J'nder. You have been calledto testify in this matter, please state the pertinant facts to the jury.
[Haengemie] J'nder, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[J'nder] J'jh & I were in the Meadow, when J'jh got an SS message
[J'nder] asking for help in middle pass.
[J'nder] Commander Nate then toggled me, he was fallen, 'near Wells'
[J'nder] We headed there, stopping to help at North Pass
[J'nder] We enter Middle pass, Commanfer Nate was not there.
[J'nder] we carried on to the Wells, he was fallen near the entrance
[J'nder] We healed him, he said he'd been pulled there by Fuzz, Blitz, & Devil.
[J'nder] We then left, and were standing at the entrance to Middle Pass. Commander Nate fell again,
[J'nder] We went back into to heal him, he was halfway down the narrow passage to the the wells.
[J'nder] He said they had dumped Wendies on him, and were pulling him to the wells again.
[J'nder] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, J'nder
[Haengemie] Devil, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Devil] I have no idea what J'nder testified...but she wasn't there.
[Devil] CommanderNate fell due to standing still while a blue weny thumped him
[Devil] no one was responsible for his falling other than himself
[Devil] if he doesn't have the skills to fight in the passes, then maybe he should stick to the north forest or the rat huts
[Devil] he was a threat to the group and we had to move him
[Haengemie] 10 seconds remaining, Please finish up, or say "done"...
[Devil] witness: Terenaas
[Haengemie] Terenaas isn't in the courtroom. Your witness must be resent to be called.
[Devil] witness: Terenas
[Devil] heh
[Haengemie] Thank you, Devil
[Haengemie] <standard jury verdict briefing>
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

  Votes innocent: 1
  Votes guilty: 6
  Votes frivolous: 2
  Abstaining: 0

[Haengemie] Devil this court finds you guilty, as accused.
[Haengemie] <standard jury sentence briefing>
[Haengemie] Jurors, you should take Devil's record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend.
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.

  Total recommended jail time: 137 min
  Total recommended fine: 41c
  Total jurors: 9
  Avg recommended jail/fine: 15 min/4c

[Haengemie] Devil, you are hereby sentenced to spend 15 minutes in the Puddleby jail,
[Haengemie] and fined 4 coins.

Court adjourned at 5:5 on 4 Spring, 534