Puddleby Court Log: 86 Autumn, year 535 of The Ascendancy. 14:22

In the matter of Chaotic v Slant, accused of “being a bad bad boy.

Before the jurors: Outcast, Entil'Zha, Commander Nate, Sentient, Duste, Michael Aridfox, Cutlas, Deadmeat, Kevin, Xantcha.

The Honourable Judge Haengemie, presiding.
With Bellafae serving as Bailiff.
To all who read these precepts, the following transcript of this trial is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Clera, reporting.

[Bellafae] This court is now in session, The Honourable Judge Haengemie presiding.
[Haengemie] <standard pre-trial court briefing>
[Chaotic] sense the defendant isnt here ill not waste you time. sorry to inconvinence you.
[Chaotic] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Chaotic
[Haengemie] Haengemie looks around
[Haengemie] Hmmm...
[Haengemie] Very well...
[Haengemie] Chaotic, you have 120 seconds to speak.
[Chaotic] Sentient whispers, "we will try him in his absence"
[Chaotic] is it correct to havea jury trial and not let the accused defend himself?
[Chaotic] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Chaotic
[Haengemie] Haengemie looks around
[Haengemie] Hmmm...
[Haengemie] Very well...
[Haengemie] <standard jury verdict briefing>
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

   Votes innocent: 1
   Votes guilty: 8
   Votes frivolous: 1
   Abstaining: 0

[Haengemie] Slant this court finds you guilty, as accused.
[Haengemie] <standard jury sentence briefing>
[Haengemie] Jurors, you should take Slant's record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend.
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.

   Total recommended jail time: 95 min
   Total recommended fine: 3935c
   Total jurors: 10
   Avg recommended jail/fine: 9 min/393c

[Haengemie] Since Slant is not present, this court will note the sentence, and pronounce it when they return.
[Haengemie] Clera, please note that Slant is sentenced to 9 minutes in jail, with a fine amount of 393c.
[Haengemie] Plus 14c for delayed-court costs.
[Haengemie] Judge Haengemie bangs his gavel
[Haengemie] This court is adjourned.

Court adjourned at 15:03 on 86 Autumn, 535