Puddleby Court Log: 23 Winter, year 539 of The Ascendancy. 02:55

In the matter of Derlak v Pulley, accused of “Malicious Endangerment”

Before the jurors: Tondalayo, Xaerus, Neige, Maenygh, Thadius

The Honourable Judge Haengemie, presiding.
With Bellafae serving as Bailiff.

To all who read these precepts, the following transcript of this trial is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Clera, reporting.

[Bellafae] This court is now in session, The Honourable Judge Haengemie presiding.
[Haengemie] <standard pre-trial court briefing>
[Derlak] On a recent hunt in NW beach, I met Pulley, and realized what an awful person he is.
[Derlak] At one point, a couple of exiles were fallen
[Derlak] Healers came and tried to rescue us
[Derlak] However, Pulley led packs of rockodiles towards us,
[Derlak] They attacked the healers, and foiled the rescue
[Derlak] This happened about 3 times
[Derlak] At another point, while I had almost NO health, Pulley threw me in front of an adult rockodile
[Haengemie] 10 seconds remaining, Please finish up, or say "done"...
[Derlak] witness: Karkras
[Haengemie] Thank you, Derlak
[Haengemie] Karkras, please approach the witness railing, to the Northeast of the jury box. You have 15 seconds.
[Haengemie] Thank you, Karkras. You have been called to testify in this matter, please state the pertinent facts to the jury.
[Haengemie] Karkras, you have 90 seconds to speak, unless the jury deems your testimony irrelevant.
[Karkras] I witnessed Pulley pull Derlak into the jaws of an adult rockodile, while Derlaks wounds were already critical.
[Karkras] I witnessed Pulley repeatedly lead several rockodiles into an attempted rescue attempt, as I tried to lead them away.
[Karkras] This was more than an accident; Pulley yelled that he was leading them away when in fact he was not.
[Karkras] The others yelled to him to stop leading them toward us several times.
[Karkras] Pulley Cackled and pretended not to remember.
[Karkras] He cried a few times.
[Karkras] He claimed he was under Lilit's spell.
[Karkras] He apologized and said that Lilit's spell was strong sometimes. Then he cried.
[Karkras] Then he did it all again.
[Karkras] Someone must be held accountable for this behavior.
[Karkras] Whether it is Lilit or her mindless minions, we must set a precedent.
[Karkras] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Karkras
[Haengemie] Haengemie looks around
[Haengemie] Hmmm...
[Haengemie] Very well...
[Haengemie] Derlak, you have 120 seconds to speak, unless the jury deems your testimony irrelevant.
[Derlak] To continue... at one point when I did become fallen, Pulley even LAUGHED at me!
[Derlak] 8/31/00 12:07:50p Derlak has fallen to a Young Rockodile.
[Derlak] 8/31/00 12:07:52p (Pulley laughs.)
[Derlak] This is unacceptable behaviour!
[Derlak] Pulley knows he is huilty
[Derlak] Pulley knows he is guilty
[Derlak] Thus the reason why he ran from this trial
[Derlak] Pulley must be punished for these deeds!
[Derlak] Before his corruption spreads!
[Derlak] Thank you
[Derlak] done
[Haengemie] Thank you, Derlak
[Haengemie] Haengemie looks around
[Haengemie] Hmmm...
[Haengemie] Very well...
[Haengemie] <standard jury verdict briefing>
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's verdict.

  Votes innocent: 0
  Votes guilty: 4
  Votes frivolous: 0
  Abstaining: 1

[Haengemie] Pulley this court finds you guilty, as accused.
[Haengemie] <standard jury sentence briefing>
[Haengemie] On Autumn 348 of 538, Pulley was found frivolous, having charged Gurgi

  of breaking an agreement.

[Haengemie] On Autumn 348 of 538, Pulley was found frivolous, having charged Gurgi

of Perjury and new exile genocide.
[Haengemie] Due to the 3 priors in the past year,
[Haengemie] the maximum sentence is raised to 180 minutes in jail or a fine of 1500c,
[Haengemie] or, possibly, a combination of jail and fine, depending on the jury's recommendations.
[Haengemie] Jurors, you should take Pulley's record into account when deciding what sentence to recommend.
[Bellafae] Bellafae hands Haengemie the jury's sentencing recommendation.
Total recommended jail time: 360 min
Total recommended fine: 2350c
Total jurors: 4
Avg recommended jail/fine: 90 min/587c
[Haengemie] Because of outstanding fines still owed from previous convictions...
[Haengemie] I'm going add 181 minutes to the sentence.
[Haengemie] Since Pulley is not present, this court will note the sentence, and pronounce it when they return.
[Haengemie] Clera, please note that Pulley is sentenced to 271 minutes in jail, with a fine amount of 587c.
[Haengemie] Plus 14c for delayed-court costs.
[Haengemie] In addition, , I'm going to banish you from the city limits for 20 days.
[Haengemie] After you've served your jail-sentence, I suggest you sneak out of town quietly, and don't let the guards catch you.
[Haengemie] Judge Haengemie bangs his gavel
[Haengemie] This court is adjourned.
Court adjourned at 4:06 on 23 Winter, 539