Delta Tao's Other Games

Strategic Conquest

Another excellent network strategy game. Instead of being set in space, like Spaceward Ho!, you explore and conquer a single world. Build armies, airplanes, bombers, battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, and lots more while you try to outmaneuver your opponent. Also great for one player, of course. Macintosh only.

Return to Dark Castle

The sequel to the classics Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle. Guide the hero on his hilarious quest through the mysterious Dark Castle, battling bats, rats, brooms, traps, and the infamous one-eyed elbowless mutants. Macintosh only.

Eric's Ultimate Solitaire

The best solitaire game, period. Includes 23 great games, cheating, challenge games, great graphics and sounds, and much more. Our most popular game. Macintosh or Windows.

Clan Lord

The most fun and friendly massively multiplayer internet role-playing game available on any computer. Join friends from around the world to battle monsters, solve quests, and explore. Macintosh only.