Ally  An alien with whom you share refueling privileges and a non-aggression pact.
 Best Buddy  An ally with whom you share information about planets.
 Biological A non-metal ship. Expensive and uses older technology, but can save you when metal is scarce. Refuels differently than most ships.
 Dreadnought  A big, bad ship. Dreadnoughts take 25 times as much damage to destroy and shoot 25 times each round of battle.
 Enemy  Anybody that isn't allied with you.
 Gravity  Everything that can't be changed about a star system. Any planet between 0.4 G and 2.5 G can be made profitable, if enough people are on it and it is fully terraformed. An ideal planet is 1.0 G. Each player has a different idea of what 1.0 G is.
 Income  The money you took in last turn.
 Metal  The sum of all nonrenewable resources.
 Mini  The amount of shrinking a ship has. High Mini ships use less Metal, but cost more Money.
 Money  The sum of all replenishable resources. You get money every turn from profitable planets.
 Planet  The same thing as a star. Represents the whole star system.
 Radical Tech  High-risk, high gain research. Sometimes you get something really great, sometimes you get garbage.
 Range  How far a ship can reach without refueling. A Range 8 ship can go out 4 and back 4, or can go out 5 and be stuck.
 Satellite  A ship that can't move. Its Range is zero. Each Satellite shoots twice per round of battle -- it's got weapons instead of engines.
 Shields  Something that protects a ship. A Shield Tech 8 ship will prove almost invincible to a Weapon Tech 4 ship.
 Savings  Money you've accumulated. You get interest on this money. If you've spent more than you've saved, you pay interest.
 Speed  How fast a ship goes. A Speed 3 ship will take 2 turns to go to a star that is 5 units away. Speed also determines who shoots first in a battle.
 Star  The same as a planet.
 Tanker  A ship that refuels other ships. If there is a tanker at a star, fleets there will regain fuel over time.
 Temperature  Everything that can be changed about a star system. The ideal temperature is 72°. Each player has a different idea of what 72° is.
 Terraforming  Improving the temperature of a star system. When a planet is fully terraformed, its temperature is 72°.
 The Ho!  What experienced players call Spaceward Ho!. If you want to be really cool, say, you're "playing the Ho!"
 Weapons  Something a ship shoots. A Weapon Tech 8 ship will rip apart Shield Tech 4 ships.