Internet Play --

We designed Spaceward Ho! to be played with lots of people. The unique "log-in" style of play lends itself to having the saved game on a fileserver of some kind, with each player playing his turns on his own machine.

The person who creates the game becomes the "Game Host." He is the only one with the ability to say when the game should begin. Until then, the game is in "pre-start" mode and folks just wait for more people to join. When everyone is in, the host starts the game and you're off.

The multiplayer game will look remarkably like a one player game. The main difference, of course, is some of those aliens you bump into are humans, who can be more devious and cunning than the computer players. The other difference is that you will have to wait for other humans to complete their turns before you go on to the next turn.

When you're done with a turn, Spaceward Ho! will put a check mark to the left of your picture and name in the lower left hand corner of the Main Window. You can see who else is done or not done by seeing whether they have a check mark by their name. Yelling at people to hurry up is a perfectly acceptable behavior in a multi-player game of Spaceward Ho!.

Feel free to type things into the chat window if you have something to say to the other humans.