We've provided a couple of shortcuts for various things in Spaceward Ho! This section will let you know about them, and give examples for some.

If you click on any event in the Report Window, your map will automatically scroll to where the event took place.

You can change the scale of the Star Map to give yourself a better view of the whole galaxy, or to look closely at some specific section of it. To do this, just choose " Zoom in " or " Zoom out " from the " Window " menu. Their command keys are Command-minus and Command-equal, respectively. A lot of detail is lost when you zoom out all the way.

Generally, you'll want to zoom out to get an idea of where you live, and then zoom in so you can tell what's going on. As the game progresses, you'll probably find that your neighborhood doesn't fit in your Star Map any more, so you'll want to use the middle magnifications.

You can click on the name of a star in the Budget Window to scroll the Star Map to that star and select it. When you select a star in the Star Map, the Star list will scroll to the current star and select it there.

You can rapidly select and scroll to a lost fleet by selecting the fleet in the " List All Fleets... " dialog and choosing " Go to Fleet ."

To find a star of interest, you can " List All Explored Stars... " and hit the " Go to Star " button (if it's an explored star).

When you're moving ships, you can choose the next ship in the planet's list by hitting the Tab key.

You can go to the next event message by hitting the return key.

The map window supports contextual menus; right clicking on planets and stars will give you current actions associated with each.