Technical Support

We think the single most important thing a software company provides (other than software) is Technical Support. We pride ourselves on being able to solve virtually any problem one might have with Spaceward Ho!, and lots of other problems as well. If you call us directly at reasonable California business hours, we'll be happy to help you with anything we can. It's also possible that you can get us at unreasonable hours, since we work hard and late, but we can't guarantee it.

We are one of few companies in the world that provides free technical support for games. Keep in mind that we're understaffed, overworked, and appreciate brevity. If you can answer questions like "What version of the System and Finder are you running?" without checking, we'll be ecstatic. If you call with questions like "What's a Finder?" we'll be peeved. Okay?

Delta Tao
8032 Twin Oaks Ave.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
(408) 730 -9336