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Clan Lord
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Clan Lord Macros

Default Macros

These are the default macros that are included with your character. If you don’t have them, you can copy and include them with your macro file.

"??"     "/help "       @text "\r"
"aa"     "/action "     @text "\r"
"gg"     "/give "       @text "\r"
"ii"     "/info "       @text "\r"
"kk"     "/karma "      @text "\r"
"mm"     "/money "      @text "\r"
"nn"     "/news "       @text "\r"
"pp"     "/ponder "     @text "\r"
"sh"     "/share "      @text "\r"
"sl"     "/sleep "      @text "\r"
"t"      "/think "      @text "\r"
"tt"     "/thinkto "    @text "\r"
"th"     "/thank "      @text "\r"
"uu"     "/use "        @text "\r"
"un"     "/unshare "    @text "\r"
"w"      "/who "        @text "\r"
"wh"     "/whisper "    @text "\r"
"yy"     "/yell "       @text "\r