Strategic Conquest 4.0

Your goal in Strategic Conquest is to capture the world. You plan the strategic direction of your military, organize your forces, and expand your empire throughout an unknown and dangerous world. If you were alone, this task would be easy; but you have an adversary with the same goal of worldwide domination. You build Armies which will capture more cities to add to your production. You build Fighters to rapidly explore the world. You build Transports to carry your Armies from your home island to other islands. You build a navy, with Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, and Battleships, to protect your Transports and cripple enemy supply lines. You build Bombers to eliminate large enemy strongholds and damage his production capacity. Whether you win or lose will depend on your strategic and tactical skill.


The image above shows a battle taking place in a small part of the randomly-generated world. A red (enemy) attack Helicopter flies out over the water to attack one of two friendly (blue) Destroyers. An enemy Artillery piece and an enemy city can be seen on the small island in the center of the picture. Another enemy city is seen to the left. Meanwhile, a friendly Carrier is exploring the region of the top of the picture. Portions of the world unknown to the blue player are covered in black. A group of three friendly attack Helicopters are seen in the bottom right portion of the picture, operating from a friendly Carrier and providing air cover over a grey (neutral) city until Armies loaded on a Transport ship (not shown) can arrive and conquer it. The large ship at the bottom of the picture is a friendly Battleship and the small vessel to the lower left is a friendly Submarine.

Strategic Conquest is a classic game of military strategy which is a favorite of thousands of devoted Macintosh gamers. This is one game you’ll enjoy playing for years. The new version (4.0) sports new features like a fractal and customizable world, and full 256 color. There are also new units, artillery and two types of aircraft (air-to-air and air-to-ground).

Memory requirements: 1MB of memory or more.
Compatibility: Any Non-Intel Macintosh running Mac Classic OS.

  • Play alone against 15 computer skill levels, or against a friend on an AppleTalk network
  • Encounter a new, random world each time you play
  • Build armies, jets, bombers, aircraft carriers, troop transports, submarines, and more
  • Runs in color on color Macintoshes and supports large monitors
  • Mac OS 6, 7, 8, 9 compatible

StratCon is available for $24.95 (download only). Please note that it is not OS X-native, and it doesn’t run on Intel Macs, although it should work fine in Classic mode. There are no plans to port it to Windows or Linux. Check out Empire Builder, Command and Conquer, or Warcraft 2 among many other good war games for the PC.

Strategic Conquest 4 Manual

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