Recent Court Cases

Cases are listed in reverse chronological order. Click on a link to see the court stenographer’s transcript for that case.

Most Recent: Years 600-Present

Year 598

Year 592

Year 591

Year 590

Year 589

Year 586

Year 583

Year 582

Year 581

Year 580

Year 578

Year 577

Year 576

Year 575

Year 574

Year 573

Our clerical gerbils are busy excavating older records, from Year 572 and before, out of long-term storage.
As those transcripts come to light, they’ll be added here.

Previous Years

Earlier generations of exiles were far more ligitious than those of today. At its inception, it was not uncommon for the Court to hear a hundred or more cases per year.

Therefore, to avoid cluttering up this page with a tremendous volume of cases which are now of principally historical interest, those records have been housed in a separate annex: the Historical Case Archive. Please visit that page for records from Years 533–539.