Historical Court Cases

This page lists only the the earliest of the Puddleby Court’s cases, from its inauguration in Year 533 up through PY 539.
More recent cases are on the primary Puddleby Court Archive page.

Cases are listed in reverse chronological order. Click on a link to see the court stenographer’s transcript for that case.

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Year 539

Year 538

Year 537

Year 536

Year 535

Year 534

Year 533

These transcripts are from the very earliest days of the court’s existence.
Back then, Clera the court clerk — and, to a certain extent, Judge Haengemie himself — were still learning the finer points of their jobs.
Contemporary accounts also allude to a certain faint beery aroma that could sometimes be detected emanating from the back rooms of the Courthouse.
(No judicial malfeasance was ever proved; but, nevertheless, a blanket prohibition on all forms of alcohol usage by courtroom staff was enacted in Y561.)

Accordingly, when perusing the records, you should not be surprised to encounter the occasional lacunae, not to say outright errors, in courtroom procedure, spelling, formatting, etc.